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We Are Giving Away Only $10,000.00 in FREE Vacations This Year!
Would you like one? If So, Please Hurry As There Is A Very Limited Supply.

Dear Friend,

   That's right! Now you can get totally FREE Vacations! No catch, no gimmick, no hiddens costs. "How can I get one?" you ask.

   Simply select the vacations you want from the list below which is now well over 20 exciting vacation spots around the US & the World. You pay a small fee for shipping, handling & room taxes. Click on the "Add to Cart" Button for each vacations you wish to go on or, fill out the printable order form , send a check or money order for the small shipping & handling charge of $14.97 for each vacation & mail it via the US Postal Service to the address listed below.

Coastal Vacations Direct
Dept. #MFV
80 Cabrillo Hwy N., Suite Q-115
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019



"My wife and I recently returned from a Vacation in Las Vegas at the Key Largo. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The Service was great, the pool was cool, and the gambling was fun. The best part-the hotel reservations were free! We sincerely look forward to our return to the Key Largo Casino. We wish your company the best."

- Mark and Kaylyn Regier
Bakersfield, CA

    I know you must be skeptical, heck I was when I first found out about this great deal. Please read on, I promise it will be worth it.

    How can we do this?

    These offers do not involve any timeshare presentations. We simply introduce people to our hotels & resorts for just the cost of a small processing fee and the room tax on their first visit. We offer them the opportunity to return as many times as they wish in the future at a discounted rate by booking through our company.

    We are not travel agents that book rooms at the regular hotel rate and gets paid a commission. Our company contracts with major hotels, resorts & casinos to purchase a block of rooms in advance at a very low wholesale rate and pass the savings on to you.


Our vacation certificate offers have been talked about on many radio stations and recently written about by Eric W. Gershman. Mr. Gershman has sold over 200 million publications. He is a regular on talk shows nationwide. He writes in his latest book "Pay Nothing to Travel Anywhere you like":

"If there's a catch, we haven't found it, so pack your bags."

- Eric W. Gershman

    Until recently these vacations were only sold to large corporations for giveaways & promotions. Now, with the special arrangements we have with the booking agent for these hotels & resorts for a limited time, we are allowed to offer these spectacular mini-vacations to the general public. Not valid for group travel or conventions.

    The company that provides these vacations & services has been in business for over 30 years & is very well respected in the industry as one of the top providers in accommodations. After your first purchase, you will have direct contact with this wholesaler & your processing fee will also go down around 33%.

    Customers are guaranteed to receive their requested travel dates when booking reservations 60 days in advance and not selecting holiday weeks or weekends. For a small upgrade fee, weekends & holidays are available as well. Check our FREE Calendar to check out your dates.


   "At MyFreeVacations.com, we plan to give away $10,000,000.00 worth of vacations this year.You can also feel good about receiving your FREE vacation because we have been in business for over 3 years."

- Rod Beckwith Founder, MyFreeVacations.com

   You can go to one of over 20 exciting locations for 3Days & 2Nights for the average cost of a medium combination pizza! Think of it, you could be in some far off fun location walking on the beach watching the sunset with your special someone for less than a date to the movies.

  • No Minimum Order Required
  • Order As Many As You Wish
  • Same Day Shipping
  • We Guarantee To Honor Every Certificate
  • Over 120,000 Rooms Available Per Day
  • No Timeshare Presentation To Sit Through
  • No Airfares Or Other Travel To Purchase To Use Our Vacations
  • 22 Locations & Growing

       There is nothing else like it and you won't find a better deal on a vacation than this. It's popular and spreading around the world like wildfire. Check back often for updates on available worldwide regions.


    "My husband and I just returned from the most wonderful vacation in Branson. The staff at the Victorian Palace were wonderful and helped us get into several shows that were sold out. This was the first time we had ever tried one of these free vacation offers and I still can’t get over the fact that it worked. I also want to thank Eric Edwards Studio that gave us your vacation certificate with our portrait. Thank you again for the offer."

    - Belva Francis
    Palmdale, CA

       You can also use these mini-vacations as a beginning or an end of a larger planned vacation to extend your stay. The possibilities are endless. You just can't beat this deal anywhere! Try one today.

    You Pay
    Only ...
    Las Vegas, NV $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Lake Tahoe, NV $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Reno, NV $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Laughlin, NV $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Orlando, FL $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Atlantic City, NJ $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Cancun, MX $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Anaheim, CA $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Seattle, WA $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Daytona Beach, FL $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Honolulu, HI $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Palm Springs, CA $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    San Antonio, TX $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Gatlinburg, TN $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    White Mountain, NH $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Pocono Mountains, PA $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    New Orleans, LA $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Myrtle Beach, SC $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Puerto Vallarta, MX $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Mazatlan, MX $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Victoria, BC $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling
    Branson, MO $200+ $14.97 Shipping & Handling

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    You can order as many of these vacations as you like. Give FREE vacations to your friends, family & business associates!


  • Rod Beckwith
    United We Stand


    Rod Beckwith, President
    Anywidget , LLC
    80 Cabrillo Hwy N. Suite Q-115
    Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
    Phone/Fax 1-650-747-9301

    Conditional 365 day Money-Back Guarantee

    As soon as your order is approved, we will ship your Mini-Vacation within 24 hours via 1st Class US Mail. As soon as you receive it, you will see that everything is there, as advertised.

    Go on your Vacation and for any reason are not thrilled with the accommodations & service, please let us know & we will issue a prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

    Privacy Policy: We will never sell, rent or trade your data to anyone, ever. Period.

    Anywidget LLC.
    80 Cabrillo Hwy N.
    Suite Q-115
    Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
    Phone/Fax 650-747-9301
    Email: info@myfreevacations.com
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